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Expedition is a game mode in the game Legends of Runeterra. Instead of using a pre-build set of cards to compete, players build their decks at the beginning of trials, and as the mode progress. After finishing two trials, player receive the reward based on their better performance. Unlike other.

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Runeterra is the planet all the events belonging to the League of Legends Story took place. There are so many cities located on Runeterra and every city is the hometown of specific champions of League of Legends. Every city on Runeterra has its own history of wars, peace, agreements, and disagreements.

Runeterra | League of Legends – New points of interest—and information—have appeared on the Runeterra map for you to explore. 1 year ago. Short Story: The Void. Centuries of Shuriman rule must end. One weapon can kill their god-warriors. No cost is too great. 1 year ago. Explore Runeterra: The Void. Rupturing the world is an ancient and infinite voracity: the Void. We are forsaken. We are the feast. 1 year ago. 1 2.

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League of Legends now has an updated map of the expansive game world known as Runeterra with each region and faction receiving some expansive narrative background.Riot Games has been talking about.

Geschichte – League of Legends – Geschichten über Champions, Comics und mehr aus der Welt von Runeterra.

Map of Runeterra Prime. See also Multiverse and Runeterra. Runeterra Prime is a term that refers to the primary universe of the League of Legends intellectual property. Most stories and characters originate from this universe and the wider community commonly refers to it as the "canon" lore.

Für das gleichnamige Universum, siehe Runeterra Prime. Runeterra (bedeutet magische Erde) ist ein Planet in der Form eines Rotationsellipsoids. Außerdem ist es die fiktive Welt, in der die meiste Geschichte von League of Legends spielt. Runeterra ist im Moment der einzige bekannte physische.

Champion stories, comic releases, and more from the world of Runeterra.

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Champion stories, comic releases, and more from the world of Runeterra.

For the eponymous Universe, see Runeterra Prime. Runeterra (meaning magic earth) is an an oblate spheroid planet and the fictional world where most of the lore of the League of Legends intellectual property takes place on. Runeterra is currently the only known physical realm located in the.

Champion stories, comic releases, and more from the world of Runeterra.

Mit Legends of Runeterra hat LoL-Macher Riot nun sein eigenes Kartenspiel. Aber wie fängt man richtig an? Wir erklären es euch in unserem Einsteiger-Guide.